Sbírka piunich tácků

Sbírka piunich tácků

Hello, guest.




Hello every one and welcome.

My name is Denis Medvedev, and I am a coasters collector from Ukraine.

This site is designed especially for my little (hopefully temporarily ) collection. :)

As the next step, according to a tradition, I would have to put in a quote what the word “coaster” means , but I won’t. Since you are here you already know what it means . Well, if you do not then just Google it ;)

I have started picking up (yes, exactly picking up but not collecting ) the coasters in 2001-2002 . I guess, almost everyone has a story like this one. I got into the pub and saw a coaster and took it as a souvenir. This action repeated several times and it appeared that I had a dozen other interesting pics. Later I have known what it was, its name and started looking for it in the pubs with more interest and understanding. Along with the coaster the beer glasses became more interesting for me. But I was not collecting neither coasters nor beer glasses – I was just picking them up, I mean taking them as souvenires from time to time. As a result , by 2012, I picked up about 30 coasters (the biggest proud of mine was Poland coasters) and 20 beer glasses.

Collecting itself has been started only since 2012. Once I found a Web-site of collectors. I saw that sooooo much coasters existed in the World, even not a thousand, but I was proud of my dear 30 ones. So, I started my searching for the places to find and buy and exchange them. I was asking my friends to bring them for me from the different places they visited and in a month or so my collection’s grown up to a hundreed approximately.

Since then, a tiny set of coasters transformed into a small but proud collection in the amount of 7860 pieces, and actually it was the reason because of which this website is made for.

I am not picking the beer glasses up anymore but I still use them)) They are standing and watching on me from the shelves especially made for them.

New friends, you are always welcome!!

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